What our Clients say…

21, Albi - France
Very fast, very courteous and very helpful: no complaints!
47, Rome - Italy
My heartfelt gratitude goes to the EazyCity staff, always courteous, helpful and invariably proactive and ready to help you settle in!
María & Jaime
36, Madrid - Spain
We found a wonderful team who supported and helped us in achieving our objectives in Cork.
28, Frosinone - Italy
Houses are clean, comfortable and close to the centre. The staff is always ready to meet and exceed all your needs. They really care.

As the autumn is coming closer and the leaves are turning brown, many events are going to arrive in Dublin and will colour the city! Concerts, festivals, running competitions or conventions…This autumn Dublin is full of events! Uncover them now and enjoy Great Pink Run 2016 An annual challenge of [...]

Here are five reasons to learn a new language abroad, thanks to which it will be clear that is surely better than to study it in your homeland. You speak a lot! When you study abroad, you are among foreign people who always speak their language and this is very, very useful for your learning: [&hell [...]

Yes yes you read right! The Irish football team won! Ok… MAYBE you are right… The Irish team was not one of the favourites and it’s not in the running anymore for the rest of the competition. That was already almost clear when the groups were drew… Italy, Belgium and Sweden… With god euh [...]

Galway is a very touristic city and a busy harbour area, particularly crowded during the summer. Now is a great moment to plan to go there and to drift with different summer plans. We will let you choose the event(s) that you would like to go to. Some festivals take place during the same period [&he [...]

Tennis: Roland Garros and Wimbledon – #RG16 Who doesn’t know about Roland Garros? Every year, they hold this event in Paris, France. The competition started a few weeks ago on the 16th of May and it will finish on the 5th of June. It is an important sporting event which is going to finish t [...]

We hope that the “sunniest” seasons of 2016 will offer us beautiful moments and whole days outdoor and to counter bad spells, it’s time for us to write about summer festival in London. Music, theatre, Circus: London is a vibrant city all the more when the sun starts to come out! Here are the 4 [...]

The warm summer weather arrives (ok… we should say less cold and rainy…) and it’s time to go out to enjoy the sun, listen to music in the parks, in the streets with the buskers or watch street performances. Its spring and we enjoy each ray of sunlight so let’s see what we can plan […] [...]

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