Roselie’s experience in Dublin. From the US to gain a working experience abroad. GO FOR IT!

Roselie’s experience in Dublin. From the US to gain a working experience abroad. GO FOR IT!

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March 7, 2017
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Here’s Roselie, 23 years old, from Louisiana, in the US. She originally came to Ireland for an Internship in Public Relations while she was living in one of the EazyCity Dublin Accommodations. Her main goal was to have a working experience abroad. When she was back in the US, she figured out that there was the opportunity to come back to Ireland with the Work Visa. So now she’s back in Dublin working as a secretary and bartender, and she is also giving some English lessons. We can’t say that she doesn’t like to be active!

How about your housemates? What do you like most about living in our accommodation?
I’ve had a lot of housemates since I’ve been in Ireland because you know, most people they’re only here for a month or so, and so I really love it because with each housemate there’s a new possibility. You know, to meet a new person and gain a new friend. It’s really difficult once they leave but exciting every time a new housemate comes. I enjoy learning about different cultures. That’s what I think I enjoy most about your accommodation. It’s that I get to learn about so many different cultures and I get to meet so many different people, and when you live with someone, I don’t know, you get a certain closeness because you’re around them all the time.

One adjective for EazyCity?
One adjective for EazyCity. I think it is exciting. Because I’m always meeting new people and there are so many different possibilities with each person!
Also, they have fun parties, like once every few months!

Any advice for others looking to move abroad?
Just get over the initial scariness of it, because no matter what it is going to be frightening. Once you can get over that, there’s just so many wonderful things that will result from going abroad. You will learn a lot about yourself, and about other people in the world.

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